Toy Soldier: A Spelljammer Saga

A series of novels set in the Spelljammer® fantasy universe

Book Three:  Sable's Privateers

 "Sable's Privateers" Book Trailer - Toy Soldier Saga Book 3


"Sable's Privateers" was my entry in National Novel Writing Month 2013, a contest in which participants are challenged to write 50 000 words in the 30 days of November.   I succeeded in the goal but did not finish the novel because it will be considerably longer than 50 000 words.  I will be publishing it chapter by chapter on Scribd, but do keep in mind that since I have not yet finished "Brothers in Arms," if you are reading them in sequence, reading it could spoil the plot for you.  Currently, the Prologue and Chapters One through Five are available (229 pages, 49390 words.)



Cover art background "Arcane Protection" created by John "Paladine" Baxter.

The Toy Soldier Saga is a work in progress!  Please check back frequently for new installments or sign up for our Crew or our Blog.

This novel will be published on Scribd under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives License.  I have saved it in a format consistent with the size and type of a paperback novel.  Or if you don't want to to subscribe to Scribd, since they have changed how they work since my original posting, click on the picture or link below to read or download the pdf.  Good reading to you and thanks for your interest!

Click on this link to read or download the current version of "Sable's Privateers."


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